The EESystem

How it Works

Restore the body’s cells to their optimal charge

The Science of Scalar

The DNA in our cells contains bio-photonic light energy, which is responsible for our physical and mental well-being. The energy in our cells, measured in millivolts, is crucial for proper immune function and optimal health. When our cellular voltages are low, we may experience symptoms like fatigue, anxiety, depression, and brain fog. It’s like our cells are running out of batteries, making our bodies rundown and more susceptible to disease.

Unfortunately, our modern-day lifestyles leave us vulnerable to a plethora of toxins, electrical radiation and stress that lower our cell’s charge.

The EESystem activates the photons in our DNA and increases both the millivoltage of the DNA itself and our cell membrane potential. Our bodies are designed to heal themselves but can only do so with the right frequency and energy levels.

The EESystem restores our cellular voltage to the optimal 70-90 millivolts, allowing the body to heal itself.

EESystem Millivolts Chart
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What are scalar waves?

Scalar waves have always existed; they are well-known in astrophysics, geology, and hydrodynamics. A scalar wave is a fifth-dimensional non-linear wave. Third-dimensional laws of nature do not bind scalar waves. Thus, scalar waves function in a self-referring and self-generating manner. They are unbounded and capable of passing through solid matter.

What happens when a human body enters a scalar wave?

When the human body enters a scalar wave field, the electromagnetic field of the individual becomes excited. This excitement catalyzes the mind/body complex to return to a more optimal state. Cells in the human body, when functioning at their maximum health potential, operate in a range between 70-90 millivolts. Aging and disease occur when cellular energy depreciates to levels below this range (with the current state of the world, the majority of the population has cells functioning well below this range). Every cell has a crystalline structure that is capable of holding a charge. The non-linear (scalar) waves move through the matrix of the body via the crystalline structures within each cell, and this charge held by these crystalline cell structures begins the process of increasing the cell’s millivolt energy range to promote cellular regeneration.

How scalar waves heal.

Studies have provided evidence of the potential of bio-scalar energy to boost human cell regeneration, immune functions, and neurotransmitter functions. It can help eliminate and nullify the effects of disruptive frequencies in the body while optimizing cellular energy levels to 70-90 millivolts.

Heal & Repair

The EESystem generates multiple bioactive, regenerative, energy fields including scalar waves and biophotons, that can assist your body’s ability to repair and heal itself from disease.

Improve Circulation

Research has indicated that exposure to scalar fields can promote the repair of DNA and can also lengthen telomeres. This technology gives our bodies the ultimate support for improving circulation, oxygenation, and increasing cellular energy.


Biophotons are light particles that are generated (and emitted) by a biological system. As cells become charged with this energy, they release toxins.


 “My right side sciatica I’ve been dealing with since working as an electrician, 21 years ago, is 95% resolved, after about 5 hours total in the System! I am so happy! My mother’s arthritis pain in her neck is 50% resolved after about 5 hours in the EES. My older sister is much calmer now. I LOVE my EES!!!”

“Having known Dr. Michael for many years, I can attest that she is a woman of brilliance and utmost integrity with a genuine interest in helping mankind. Her character is impeccable and unparalleled. She is a woman of honor who holds true to her word without fail… As a quantum physicist, I can assure you that Dr. Michael’s EES generates scalar energy.”

“Sleeping in the chamber was a dreamer’s paradise. I felt rejuvenated and experienced an internal cleansing for two days. Thanks so very much! I tell everyone I meet about your exciting and life-enhancing technology.”

“After 6 years of medical attention for cysts on neck and finger, they have reduced in size by 50% after 16 hours in the EESystem.”

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